Moves: Switch Mctwist With Mike Page


Switch Mctwist With Mike Page

I’ve been doing switch McTwists for six years, and they bring me such a good feeling—I wouldn’t trade ’em for all the gold in the world. Be comfortable doing a regular McTwist, and make sure to visualize this trick in your head before trying it.


1. Practice dropping in switch toward the backside wall a couple times.


2. Ride along the deck until you have enough speed, then transfer your weight onto your heels while dropping in.


3. Once in the flatbottom, stay low and look at the area of the wall you’ll be using—this will help keep your line and speed.


4. As you approach the wall at a good angle, transition off your heels to a flat-based position. Keep eyeing the lip.

5. Once you’re on the transition, start gradually extending your legs—this will help you get proper pop.

6. When your leading foot passes the top of the lip it’s time to tuck your head and leading shoulder down.

7. Reach for the grab, then hold your position until you see the landing—don’t panic ’cause you might not see the lip until the last second.

8. Spot the landing, release the grab, and ride away switch.


Timberline, Oregon. Sequence: Oli Gagnon