Moves: Switch Frontside Boardslides With Jimi Tomer


Switch Frontside Boardslides With Jimi Tomer


When I go shreddin', one of my favorite rail tricks is a switch frontside boardslide. It's hard, but not so difficult when you already have down the basics. Frontside boardslides, switch boardslides, and front boards to fakie are all tricks you should have dialed first.


1. Check your surroundings, and wait until there are at least two hot chicks around.

2. Drop in switch, with enough speed to slide the whole rail.

3. I prefer to pop off the lip flat-based with just a little windup.

4. Once in the air, let the rotation turn your lower half to the switch-front-board position.

5. Now you're on the rail–twist your upper half so you can see the end of the rail.

6. Hold your steez as quiet as you can until it's time to pop off the end.

7. Snap your board back to fakie, and stomp that shiz–now just get the ladies' digits, baby!


Sequence: Ian Ruhter