Switch Backside 540 With Travis Kennedy

Switch back 540s are ill tricks-you can change the style up by how you grab and cork them. Learn switch backside 180s and 360s on park jumps first. Once you’ve got switch back 360s on lock, all you have to think about is adding another 180. Go and get some!

1. When first learning this trick, certain grabs will help you cork and rotate. Try grabbing melon or Indy to throw you into the spin. Always hold the grab ’til you land-this helps keep your steez tight.

2. Roll up the jump with your weight on your heels. Open your front shoulder and switch to your toes as you near the lip. Leading with your trailing arm, drop your back shoulder, and turn your head back-your body will follow.

3. Grab the board at 270, peeping down toward the landing the whole time. As you near 450, keep your eyes on the landing underneath you.

4. With 90 degrees left to rotate, set up for the landing by keeping your legs bent, ready to absorb the impact. Stay centered over the board, and land flat-based, so you ride away straight out-without getting laid out.

Now that you got switch back 540s, tell all those fools to quit hatin’.