Moves: Street Frontside 270s With Seth Huot

You've probably been chucking this trick at your local snowboard park, onto a box or mellow flatbar–now it's time to get legit and step to the streets. Pack a firm runway with a nice, wide, flat takeoff (hurry, the cops are coming). Warm up with boardslides first, then feel it out with a clean switch frontside board, 'cause it's basically the same way you'll be sliding. Once you're feeling it, take five more steps back–it usually requires a little more speed to rotate and catch a rail at 270.

  1. Get a clean sling from your boy and head toward the lip a foot wider than your boardslide or switch front board track.
  2. Pop a clean ollie off the tail on your heel edge–this helps initiate the frontside spin.
  3. Eye the spot on the rail you're going to land on while spinning toward 270.

4. Put it down right between the binders, flat on the rail–landing on edge is deadly. Tighten your abs to stop the spin–now just slide it like a switch frontside board.

5. When you reach the rail's end, pop back around to forward and ride out clean. Once you get that dialed, pull it back to fakie for extra points. Make sure and get these tricks locked quick–nowadays you're kicked out before there's time to get comfortable.


New York. Sequence: Andy Wright/Shakedown