Moves – Frontside Alley-oop In The Pipe With D.C.P.

1. Go fast toward the frontside wall, holding a line by sinking your heel edge in while riding across the flatbottom.

2. Pump up the wall at an angle so your alley-oop travels down the pipe. This is the key to making the trick big, smooth, and landing at the top of the transition.

3. As you leave the lip, pop off your tail, rotating your head and shoulders just like that frontside 360 off a kicker. Pop hard enough to reenter the pipe.

4. Reach for your favorite grab: hold it, tweak it, and love it–always keeping an eye on the lip by looking under your leading arm.

5. Spot the landing, finish your rotation, and let go of the grab, landing flat-based with slight pressure on your toes. Ride away happy!

This trick is way fun to do! Always initiate your rotation hard and float farther down the walls for alley-oop 360s and 540s. Remember, it's a lot easier to slow down a spin than to struggle the last 180 around.


Snow Park, New Zealand. Sequence: Jeff Curtes