Moves- Cab 540 Tailgrabs with Janna Meyen

Follow Janna’s advice to learn this trick. But follow our advice and learn to style it out like Janna. Make that a goal, too.

It’s best to go for this trick on a medium-sized park jump. Make sure it’s one you’ve hit before and that you feel comfortable getting some AT (that’s airtime!).

Make sure you have half-Cabs and Cab 360s down. It’ll help if you already feel comfortable snapping off the lip fakie. Being solid on your backside 360s would also be a great benefit.

Try to visualize yourself stomping the trick before you go for it. Once you do this, approach the jump with confidence. Don’t just chuck! Be alert and know where you’re at every step of the way. Most importantly, think about the landing! From the beginning to the end, keep in mind where you’ll be when the landing comes into view.

From the time you approach the lip until you stomp the landing, stay squared up and be centered with your weight.

As soon as you pop off the lip, pin your chin to your leading shoulder. This way you’ll be looking for the landing from step one and your tail will be right there. Just grab it, and keep your chin pinned to your shoulder with your eyes looking for the upcoming landing.

You’ll be able to see your landing coming as you approach the 360 mark of your spin. You should still be grabbing tail. Let go as you see the landing. Suck up your knees, continuing to stay squared up and centered with your balance. Land bolts! Congratulations! You just learned one of the most fun tricks in shredding!