Moves: Cab 360s by Devun Walsh


Cab 360s by Devun Walsh

Cabs 360s are one of my favorite tricks, because they're super lofty feeling and the second half of the spin is fun to bone out like a backside 180.

1. First off, learn this in the park or on a little jump somewhere–all the trick consists of is a half-Cab to backside 180.

2. Approach the jump flat base, then apply light pressure to an edge just before the lip. I like to go off my heels on cliffs and certain jumps, but you can also go off your toes.

3. Pop off the jump and grab Indy or melon, 'cause they help you stay compact–concentrate on getting to 270.

4. At 270, look through your legs to spot your landing and float the last rotation.


5. Stay calm and landing is easy–just stand in the middle of your board and absorb the impact (powder or park). Stomp it or get pitched over the nose–that's it!