Moves – Cab 270s With Justin Hebbel

Cab 270s are just front boards with a switch ollie and a spin before it. But when you do one, people think it's the shit. It's like the backflip of rail tricks, but not as lame … anyway, this is how to learn the move.

1. First, find a low rail or mailbox at the local spot. Approach the rail at low speed, cracking off a switch-frontside 180 to 50-50. I pop mine flat-based. Get your tail high enough to clear the rail, or you'll be in for a treat.

2. Keep clicking them off until you feel like your shit doesn't stink. Now it's just another 90 degrees, and pow–you'll be locked in a front boardslide.

3. Approach the rail with the same speed, adding a little extra oomph (yeah, I said oomph) to your spin, spotting the rail for a front boardslide. You can eyeball the rail the entire time–it's the reason this trick feels so safe.

4. Land in a front board, slide, and come out forward or fakie–whatever tickles your fancy.

5. Ride away while ignoring all those catcalls from the onlookers. Keep on practicing it until you can't switch ollie anymore. Now rest for a day or so, then take this shit to a real-deal rail. Good luck!