Moves: Backside 540s With Marc Frank Montoya


Backside 540s With Marc Frank Montoya

Ahhight, so there's the flat backside 540, corked, misty, and the backside rodeo 540 pretty much. I got no idea how I even started on this one. It's like a mixture of all of 'em. I think I was tryin' to go halfway between a backside rodeo (except off the toes) and a misty flip or somethin' like that. 

Anyway, if you want to do this trick–you know what? You shouldn't even bother! You slam super hard a lot, catching your back edge and whiplashing pretty bad most of the time. But if you want to do it, then do this:

1. Go flyin' toward the jump at a pretty damn high speed. You're gonna need it to be able to come all the way around. 

2. Right before the jump, get on your toe edge all the way. Pop high off the kicker and look up and left over your shoulder. 

3. Grab Indy and clench dat motherf–ker hard. Right away you should be able to see the landing, but you'll be all weirded out in the air and thinkin' you're gonna die. Don't panic–if you went fast enough, you'll be in that jacked position for a sec, but then feel that last-second 180 comin' around to save you. 

4. Pull your legs up and under you with that Indy hand, then smash your feet down to stomp. But like I said before, if you don't go fast enough, you're gonna land in that jacked-ass position like in the ninth and tenth shots! It hurts, for the realz. So don't be a beeyitch–you have to commit! 


Tahoe backcountry. Sequence: Andy Wright/Back In Black