How to Snowboard Tips: Pillow Lines

With Bryan Iguchi

From the January 2013 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Bryan Iguchi. PHOTO: Ashley Barker


Approach: Once you find a nice stack of fluffy poppers you want to hit, you're going to have to size them up. Estimate the speed you'll need or want to bleed to cover the distance between the gaps without coming up short or overshooting.

Takeoff: Drop in keeping your eyes on the next pillow. Some require pop, slight redirects, or absorption to keep things rolling smooth.

Maneuver: Connect the dots, making any adjustments you need to stay on the line and on your feet.

Landing: This is crucial, as you'll need to land each pillow to make it down. You might just skim some and hit others solid, but usually on the last one you’ll have to absorb the momentum of the entire line, so be ready.