How to set up your snowboard bindings with Danny Kass

How To Snowboard Tips : How to set up your snowboard bindings with Danny Kass

If you want to set up your snowboard bindings correctly, your stance on a snowboard should be about shoulder width, with approximately 15 degrees of angle on your front binding and around 0 degrees in the back. Experiment and find what’s most comfortable for you, in the end it’s individual preference.

Bindings and boards have standardized mounting systems, and almost all are are compatible. If unsure, consult a local shop.

Determine your stance width. It should be comfortable and generally a bit wider than your shoulders. Use the distance from your kneecap to your heel for a standard stance width.
Mount your front binding with 15 degrees of positive angle. This is a basic starting point, and it helps open your hips for initiating turns.
Mount your back binding at 0 degrees.
Follow the reference stance on your board.
If you want to ride park, center the stance on the board and add negative angle on the back binding. This creates a slight "duck" stance for riding switch.
Set your stance back to create a longer nose and more float for powder days.
As you progress, experiment with your stance and find what's confortable--more angle, less angle, wider, narrower, etc. Each adjustment fits your riding style to the board and to the conditions.


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how to snowboard tips, how to set up your bindings with danny kass

How to set up your bindings with Danny Kass. Photo Chris Wellhausen