How To Snowboard Tips: Detune Your Snowboard

To detune your snowboard, use a small hand file, angled 45 degrees to your board’s edge, and pull with a few small strokes towards you to dull the edge. Polish with a gummy stone to keep smooth.

Research the manufacturer and model of your board, it may already be slightly detuned. If not, proceed.
Locate your contact points. (Contact points are generally the last four inches before the initial rise of the nose and tail.)
Use a small hand (bastard) file.
Angle the file 45 degrees to your board's edge, and 45 degrees in your hands with the point of the file towards you.
Pull with a few small strokes towards you to dull the edge.
Polish the edge with a gummy stone to keep it smooth and prevent rust.
If you plan on jibbing, be more aggressive with the filing, especially where you slide rails and boxes. Be careful though, if you take off too much edge, you can't get it back.


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how to snowboard, detuning your snowboard edges

Detuning your snowboard edges with Jack Mitrani. Photo Chris Wellhausen