How To Snowboard Tips: Gap to Back Lip with Jon Kooley

How to Snowboard Tips: Gap to Back Lip

With Jon Kooley

From the September 2012 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Jon Kooley. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Approach: Line the rail up just like you would for a backside 50-50. Stay as parallel as you can, with a slight angle to the rail so you land between your bindings.

Takeoff: Pop flat base and off your tail. Popping off your heels will put you over the rail onto your front foot—avoid that.

Maneuver: Twist your legs backside, getting your weight in line with the pitch of the rail so you don't slip out on your toes. Keep your shoulders parallel with the rail and your base flat—that'll help you bring your board back to regular for the landing.

Landing: If your board is flat on the rail and your shoulders are in line, you should have no problem straightening out and riding away.

Trick To The Trick 

Keep the rail between your bindings and as squared up as you can. It makes the trick look better, and it'll be easier to land.—Jon Kooley