How To Snowboard Tips: Frontside Lipslides with Alex Andrews

How to Snowboard Tips: Frontside Lipslides

With Alex Andrews

From the February 2012 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Alex Andrews. PHOTO: Andy Wright


Approach: The angle you come at the rail really depends on the feature. For this roof ledge, we had the jump fairly straight on, so I wasn't too concerned about hanging up.

Takeoff: I like to ollie and hold tight for a second and make sure I'm in control before I turn 90. Definitely make sure your body and tail get over first so you don't ping.

Maneuver: I keep my shoulders square and put it between the bindings or right on the inside of my front foot. This way you know you're going to be solid.

Landing: Give it a good snap off the end, bend your knees, and try to keep that control. Put it down and be hyped that you did one of the most fun tricks in the book!