How to Snowboard Tips: Frontside 360 with Austen Sweetin

How to Snowboard Tips: Frontside 360

With Austen Sweetin

From the November 2012 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Austen Sweetin. PHOTO: Vernon Deck


Approach: Stay pretty flat-based so that when you ollie you can get the most pop. Bend your knees and lean to your heel edge.

Takeoff: Spring load your legs to get maximum pop off the lip. Take off of your heels and look over your heelside shoulder to start the rotation.

Maneuver: Grabbing frontside allows you to stay squared up for the landing. When you come around 270, spot your landing and let go of your grab.

Landing: On a park jump you want to stay centered, but in pow you want to land with a strong back leg to power through the powder.