How to Snowboard Tips: Frontside 180 On, Switch Backside 180 Off with Joe Sexton

Frontside 180 On, Switch Backside 180 Off

With Joe Sexton

From the October 2012 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Joe Sexton. PHOTO: Andy Wright


Approach: Come at the rail with moderate speed. You want to have enough to clear your nose over the rail and avoid doing the dreaded “ping.”

Takeoff: Ride up flat based, leaning a bit on your heels. Pop off your tail, making sure you get your nose above the rail to spin that 180.

Maneuver: Land with your shoulders parallel to the rail. Slide to the end, looking at the end of the rail. Wait 'til your tail (switch nose) clears, then pop your switch backside 180 by turning your shoulders and head.

Landing: The bigger the drop, the slower you need to spin. Spot your landing, and make sure to get your rotation all the way around.

Trick To The Trick: Land a little on the inside of the rail and roll on top of it. That will help you stay balanced and line up your pop out. —Joe Sexton