Switch Frontside 360 With Mason Aguirre

Got switch frontside 360s in the park? What about in the pipe? Yeah, didn't think so. How do you expect to ever learn back-to-back anything in the pipe if you've yet to get switch frontside spins? Well, it's your lucky day, because Mason Aguirre took to the Northstar-at-Tahoe pipe to show you what it's all about. 

From the January 2010 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

20 Tricks: Volume 3

Mason Aguire. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen


1. Make sure you're super comfortable just riding around switch before you even think about trying switch front threes in the pipe. Get 'em dialed on park jumps, then try them at the bottom of the pipe where the wall is a little smaller.

2. Find a spot in the pipe that you're confident hitting switch. It's easier to do a setup trick, like an air-to-fakies or a regular front three, into the switch front three, rather than dropping in switch.

3. Pick a line up the wall, set your toe edge, and commit. You'll need all the speed you can get, so don't speed check. Hold your line all the way up the wall, and when your front foot leaves the lip, initiate the spin with your head and shoulders. There isn't a lot of rotation, so remember that you don't need to wind up very much.

4. Switch front threes are a lot like 180s on a jump. Keep in mind that you're not going to be spinning much. As soon as you leave the lip, bring your knees up, and get to grabbing—melon, Indy, or tail should come naturally.

5. You'll be able to see back into the pipe on this trick, so you can spend all your time in the air spotting the landing. As you're coming back into the tranny, let go of your grab, land flat-based (or maybe a little on your toe edge), set your line for the next wall, and point it.

"Once you're in the air, just concentrate on getting a good grab. I like to do switch stale, which is basically a melon." —Mason Aguirre

Mason rides for K2 Snowboards, Nike, Rockstar, Mammoth Mountain, Val Surf, Ethika, and Grenade Gloves.