Frontside 50-50 On a Kink With Joe Sexton

"Learn this trick in the park, and then take it to a normal down bar in the streets before you commit to a kink in the streets."

From the September 2011 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

20 Tricks: Volume 5

Difficulty: Hard

Approach: When you get to a spot, assess what you'll use for speed. I'm using a drop in ramp, and on average I set it up 20 to 30 feet from the jump, but test it out and see what's comfortable.

Takeoff: Pick your line and stick to it. Crack a good enough ollie so that you just get on the rail, but make sure you get your nose over the rail. You'll lock in a lot better and feel more comfortable on the rail.

Maneuver: Once you land on the rail, make a quick adjustment to center your body so you can absorb the first kink. Stand up straight on the flat and recommit and focus on the last down—it will feel just like getting onto a down bar.

Landing: If you made it this far, you got this! Spot that landing and come straight off the end, but remember: you're not in the park anymore and the landing is probably going to be flat.



Joe Sexton. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Trick To The Trick: "Even though it's sometimes frowned upon, I like to keep a rut in the jump. It gives me a good mental marker to find the best approach to the rail." —Joe Sexton