How To Snowboard: Corked Frontside 540 with Scotty Arnold

Corked Frontside 540 With Scotty Arnold

"This is your first step to getting your double cork, which I know is what you kids want to learn."

From the September 2011 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Scotty Arnold. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen


Difficulty: Hard

Approach: Come in on a slight toe edge. Ride up the jump flat based, switching over to your heels as you approach the lip.

Takeoff: Lean back and pop off your heel edge. Once you're in the air, drop your front hand down and put your head to your shoulder. This will initiate the cork spin.

Maneuver: Reach for your grab—I suggest Indy. As you're dropping your arm down, let your body follow it around.

Landing: The best part about this trick is that you can see your landing the whole time. At about 450 degrees, start to lean forward and center yourself up for that afterbang stomp!

Trick To The Trick: "A cork spin is going to be faster than a flat spin, so don't throw it as hard."— Scotty Arnold