Cab 270s to Frontside Boardslides With Chris Grenier

Grenier ups the ante by rolling in switch for this Cab 270 to front board. Looks easy, right? It is. Always remember to remind yourself of that.

From the March 2010 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding
20 Tricks: Volume 3

Chris Grenier. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen


1. A good way to warm up for the Cab 270 is with some front boards, and then follow that up with some half-Cab 50-50s. You want to be really comfortable riding up to and jumping and spinning onto the rail switch. If you're nervous, try it on a mellow box first.

2. Ride up to the rail switch—on the right if you ride goofy, and the left if you ride regular. Pop an ollie, really give 'er and get some air. You don't want to ping the rail as you're starting your spin.

3. Now turn that 270. As with any other spin, you'll want to lead with your head and shoulders, but at the same time look down at the rail so you can see where you'll be locking in.

4. Do your best to land with the rail right between your bindings. As soon as you land on the rail, look over your shoulder and down the rail so you can stay locked into that frontside. You'll have a lot of momentum going, so you'll have to fight a little to hold on to that front board.

5. Stay locked in and looking over your shoulder until you get to the end of the rail. Then pop off, land, and ride away without buttering around to fakie. Cruise the park and look for the next rail to crack a Cab 270 onto.

"I like to get warmed up with a front board, then a half-Cab 50-50. It really helps you get the motion of the Cab two sev."—Chris Grenier