Backside Lipslide on a C Rail with Johnny Lazz

"Really pay attention to what you do wrong the first couple of times. Learn from your mistakes to do it right."

From the December 2011 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

20 Tricks: Volume 5

Johnny Lazz. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Approach: Come in a couple inches wider than you normally would for a straight rail. Bend your knees, stay centered, and get ready to pop off your heel edge.

Takeoff: Crack that ollie and make sure you're high enough to get over the rail. Start turning your hips and shoulders 90 degrees. Your legs will follow. Aim for the middle of your board.

Maneuver: As you touch down, square your shoulders, kick your back leg out 90 degrees, and lean to the inside—your board should make a T with the rail.  Look over your lead shoulder at the end of the rail.

Landing: Your momentum will try to pull you to fakie. Start turning your shoulders and hips downhill as you near the end of the rail to stop this. Don't ollie off—just glide off and flat based.

Trick To The Trick

"Use your arms to hold the balance point in the middle of your board. You don't want to slide off on your nose or tail. Push all your weight into the rail."—Johnny Lazz