Set Up Your Board
Setting up your board is all about comfort, compatibility, and your own personal riding style. Since snowboarders aren't afforded the stance spontaneity of skateboarding and surfing, it can take time to feel out where your feet fit. Here are some things to consider when it comes to dialing in your setup.—B.G.


Make sure your board and bindings are compatible. Boards are stamped with three-hole, four-hole, or slider mounting systems, and it's crucial that your bindings fit accordingly. Most bindings come with additional mounting discs and hardware to adapt to Burton's three-hole and Forum's new Multi Disk mounts to any hole pattern. If unsure about any of the above, consulting your local shop is the best solution.


Next, Figure out if you ride with your right foot (goofy) or left (regular) forward. If you've done any sort of boardsport, you should already know which way you ride. If not, try sliding across a slippery floor in socks. Whichever foot is in front when you slide is your leading foot. Next figure out your stance width. Measure the distance from your kneecap to heel—this should leave you standing balanced with your feet placed a bit wider than your shoulders. After this you'll need to decide where to mount your bindings on the board. Center your stance (with an even amount of nose and tail) if you plan on shredding the park and riding switch, or set it back (with more nose than tail) a few centimeters for powder and freeriding.


Angle your front binding fifteen degrees or so to open up your hips and help you initiate turns, and also provide a more comfortable position on the board. For a simple, stable stance, leave your back binding at zero degrees—if you plan on hitting the park or are unsure about riding regular or goofy, open up the back binding with a little angle toward the tail.


Now step into the bindings with your boots on. Make sure the straps are easy to latch and tighten down without chewing up the buckles and straps. Use the side adjustment screws to dial this in. After you're done, lace those boots to your feet and do some carpet boarding. We do.

Illustrations by Shawn O’Keefe