Frontside 720 By David Carrier-Porcheron

Frontside 720

By David Carrier-Porcheron

1. Hook up with friends, build yourself a quarterpipe, or go to the 418 Camp where you'll find a good one.

2. While you're hiking up, visualize yourself doing a frontside spin– more specifically, a frontside 720. Get stoked!

3. Look at your jump and visualize the spin again. Drop in. Point it–full speed! Keep your knees bent and put pressure on your back foot while preparing yourself for a frontside spin. Watch out for G-force monsters.

4. As you travel up the tranny, put pressure on your back-foot toe-edge. When you reach the lip, lead your rotation by looking over your front shoulder and by throwing your arms the same way. The rest of your body will follow if you keep looking. You want to spin in one motion, so make sure you start your rotation fast enough.

5. Grab your board all the way around. Tweak it out “pour plus de style,” spot your landing, and stomp.

6. Ride away, unclip your bindings, run back up, and do it again. Keep doing this bigger, bigger, and bigger.

7. See you at the 418 Camp!

David is a nineteen-year-old French-Canadian who's a driving force behind the 418 Crew. His credo in life is, “Whatever you do in life, have fun. Fate will be fate.” He gives props to Nalu and The 418 diggers. He spends most of his time in either beautiful British Columbia or the land of the 418, Quebec. David is sponsored by Burton, Oakley, and Nixon.