Freestyle with Travis Mclain

Air ‘N’ Style

Grabbing your board.

Once you’re confident jumping, you’ll be ready to add a grab for style and some points with the ladies (or guys, or judges). The key to grabbing is to bring the board to you; no matter where you grab (see “Bag of tricks” below), you shouldn’t have to get all awkward and off balance by bending or reaching for the board.

How to: Bring the board to your hand by sucking your legs up toward your chest, bending at the hips and knees as you leave the jump. It shouldn’t take more than an outreached hand to find the edge of the board and make the grab. Once you’ve got a hold of the rail, feel free to bone it out¿straightening one leg or the other¿or to move the board sideways for a little style.

captions: sequence

Grab on the way up and release with time to extend your legs for the landing (and so you don’t crush your fingers). Frontside air, with a slight tweak to the side.

big shot:

Nothing beats a big method.


Bag of tricks

Frontside: Grab the toeside edge of the board between the feet with the trailing hand.

Backside: Grab the heelside edge of the board with the lead hand.

Method: Not a grab, but a style. Grab backside and bend at the knees, bringing the board up behind you.

Stalefish: Grab the heelside of the board between the feet with the trailing hand.

Tailgrab: Grab the tail end of the board with the trailing hand.