Backslide Lipsides with Chad Otterstrom

1. You start out learning a backside lipside by learning to slide rails on your snowboard. The basic way to slide any rail is just to keep your weight centered over your board.

2. Before you learn a backside lipside, you should first learn a regular frontside boardslide. This is where you ride toward the rail and turn 90 degrees backside when you get up on it¿so you’re sliding the rail with your body facing uphill.

3. After you have that dialed, you can start to learn the backside lipside.

4. On this trick you start out with your body facing away from the rail.

5. When you come up to the rail, ollie up and over the top of the rail, so you’re looking down at the rail.

6. Once you’re in the air and looking down at the rail, swivel your hips around so you are backside sliding when you hit the rail. When you swivel your hips, try to keep your upper body facing down the hill a little bit.

7. Once you hit the rail and are sliding, try to keep your weight centered over the board. This will keep you from slipping onto your face or catching your heel edge on the rail.

8. Once you come off the end of the rail, swivel your hips back so you’re going forward. Then just bend your knees, and when you land try not to tip over.

9. Another good way to learn this trick is by watching snowboard videos. Guys like J.P. Walker and Brian Thien do backside lipslides really well. A.O.D is coming.