Backside Corkscrew 540 with Allister Schultz

Find a natural wind-blown kicker in a glade next to some trees, and imagine you’re hitting a mathematically precise Heine Wu-Tanger.

Approach the lip confident, relaxed, and knowing the whole way that you’re doing a corkscrew 540. Commit–this will keep the rotation smooth.

Leave the lip from off of your toe edge with a good sold pop, and tuck your shoulder down as you start the backside rotation.

Grab you board wherever the sweet spot is that day, and continue a nice, free-flowing flight through the air. Remember–fluidity is style, and good smooth style makes a trick feel great.

As you come around backward, preparing to execute a smooth, solide landing, you have two options: One is to turn around and eye your landing, and the other is toc ome in blindly feeling for it. On backside 540s or 180s, I never look where I’m landing, because when I learned these tricks, I always juct looked straight ahead. It makes the tricks lots of fun.

As you land, bend your knees, stomp i like the champ you are, and ride away smooth.

Remember, snowboarding is about getting better, pushing yourself and your friens to do crazier and more professive things. But after the day or season is over, it all comes back to the one central point–snowboarding is for fun.