Backside Alley-Oop Starring Mr. Marius Sommer

1. Approach the lip with the same amount o speed as you would for a medium-sized air.

2. Let your board think you’re going to do an air to fakie when you leave the lip to do an alley-oop.

3. Look up the pipe when you take off, and lead the rotation by turning your lower shoulder down and to the right. At this time you’ll be drifting backward without knowing what’s behind you. Nice!

4. Grab the board with your front hand on the heel edge just in front of you binding–like a good ol’ stylish backside air.

5. Move your head to see the landing, and then focus on that spot until you’re there.

6. Tweak as if you’re doing a backside air on a straight jump.

7. Hold the grab.

8. Hold the grab a bit more.

9. Point it toward the landing, and let go of the board.

10. Enjoy.