Backside 540 Featuring Justin Mooney

This trick is a happy medium between being a full-fledged hucker and having the “I’m a soul-boarder” mentality. Try this trick only after you’ve mastered the backside 360.

1. First, you need moderate to fast speed, depending on the jump.

2. Approach the jump in the “I mean business” crouch (knees bent, looking at the lip) with a grab in mind.

3. As you ride up the jump, start to pivot your weight onto your toe edge, and then to your back foot. (Pretend like you were just turning off the jump.)

4. At this instant, turn you head and upper body in the same direction–turn a bit more quickly tan you would for a 360.

5. If you want your 540 to appear corkscrewed, drop your lead shoulder toward your back foot during this step.

6. Once you have your grab secured and are spinning like a crazed lunatic, begin looking for a landing. You have up until halfway through the trick to do this.

7. Stay low through the spin.

8. Slow down your rotation about 450 degress into the spin by letting go of the grab and putting your arms out in preparation for landing.

9.You will be landing blind, so be prepared to suck up some bumps with Jedi skills before you can see where you’re going again.

10. Smile