Backside 360 With a Backside Grab Boss Style

By Ross Powers

Step 1: Approach your heelside wall, whether it’s from dropping in or coming across from a frontside air, at a comfortable speed. Angle your body and board like you’re going to do a straight air.

Step 2: As you’re going up the wall, push a little harder on your heels than on your toes; this might take away some of your speed, but it should keep you more balanced when you leave the lip of the pipe. When you get to the lip, judge it like you’re going to do a straight air. Whether you let the wall send you, or you have to ollie to land in the pipe, hopefully you’ll land on some nice transition.

Step 3: When you leave the lip of the pipe and you’re going into the air, turn your head as if you were looking up the pipe, then swing your back arm around your back. Your head and arm turning will start your rotation. You want to make your 360 a nice smooth movement¿try not to throw too hard when you leave the lip.

Step 4: When you grab, there’s kind of a pause. You want to start out the same with your head turning up the pipe and swinging your back arm around your back. The pause comes when you grab. If you grab with your front hand, you can keep your rotation going by turning your head and back arm. If you grab with your back arm, which is the one you should rotate around your back to spin you, you want to have your head do the same movement as always, but you’re going to have to use your chest and front arm a little more until you’re done grabbing. Finish your spin by getting your back hand around. Remember, it’s only a 360, so you don’t have to throw too hard.

Step 5: When coming down from the air, look down toward your toes, and hopefully you’ll see the wall. Get ready to land like a straight air by bending your knees and getting ready to suck up the wall. You want to land with your board flat on the wall or on your toe edge. Landing on your heel edge makes it hard to land and keep your speed.

Step 6: Now that you’ve landed, the hard part is coming up with a trick for the next wall. Switch backside wall tricks are hard.

A word of advice: If you get caught in the air in between a backside air and a backside 360 and want to go with the 360, turn your head and arms, kick your back foot down and back, and that should help you come around. Good luck, and keep on riding!