Backside 180 Method Air Jussi Oksanen

Backside 180 Method Air

by Jussi Oksanen

This is one of my favorite tricks, it looks good and feels even better. You shouldn't care if the trick isn't the hardest one to pull, or what other people think about it. Just do what feels best. That's the way to go! My way.

1. Try the kicker a couple of times first to figure out how much speed you need to hit it. It sucks more than anything to come up short on the landing.

2. Now that you know the speed, take it a little bit faster. Like always, approach the jump as if you're going to do a straight air.

3. Hit the jump on a flat base. Try to ollie as hard as you can–it looks way better and you get more control in the air.

4. Grab and start turning your head and upper body toward a backside spin.

5. Hold the grab as long as you can. Try to tweak like a madman. I'm always trying, but never make it–like here.

6. Start looking for the landing. The trick might feel a little bit sketchy 'cause you don't see the landing very well. Trust yourself and your speed.

7. Finish the rotation to a full 180 and try to find the landing zone. Get ready to land and watch out for your ligaments. Stomp it and happily ride away.

Jussi rides for Lamar, Etnies, Thirty-two, DUB, Smith, and GMC. If you want to find out more about him, check out his interview in Volume13 Number 6.