Backside 180 by Devun Walsh

When I was first asked to write a Moves for the backside 180, I was stoked. To me, it is one of the dopest tricks to do off of big jumps, and I don't think a lot of people realize how hard it is to float a huge 180 without flapping your arms everywhere. To stomp this trick over a big jump truly makes you feel good inside.

1. First, you have to find a jump that you're comfortable doing tricks off of-step-ups are especially fun.

2. Approach the jump with the same amount of speed you've hit it with before, and as you get to the lip of the jump, spring off the toeside edge of your tail.

3. When you're in the air, start to rotate your body slowly by using your shoulders. I think it is easiest to stay low and slightly drop your back shoulder, while bringing your front shoulder around and over top. You have be careful not to be too aggressive, otherwise you'll over rotate.

4. The best way to judge your spin is to look through your legs when you're at the 90-degree point of the rotation and spot your landing. This is also the ideal time to be grabbing because you'll be slightly stalled out. Some dope grabs are Indy, mute, method, tail, or even no grab at all.

5. Now that you've spotted your landing, it's time to turn the rest of the way; your board should naturally want to turn that way, too. I like to lean over my toe edge a little, because it helps bring the board around easier and also eliminates the chance of catching your heel edge.

6. You should have completed the 180 rotation by this point. Now you have to land backwards; the best way to do it is to stay centered over your stance. In powder, however, you should lean slightly over the nose of your snowboard and just ride it out straight until you have full control.

7. Since you've just learned one of the dopest tricks in snowboarding, go directly home, hang your board up, and wait for the next issue of TWS for the next trick you're going to learn. Oh yeah, go get a skateboard in the meantime, 'cause it's so damn fun.

Devun Walsh is from North Vancouver, Canada, and rides for Forum, Special Blend, Iris Snow, Bakoda, Hotskates Co., and enjoys snowmobiling in Whistler, as well as partying with the Wildcats.