Alley-oop Backside Rodeo Nosegrab with Travis Parker

I know everyone can do a backside rodeo, and everyone should. It’s natural progression. The cool thing about snowboarding is you get to do things your own way. If you’re sick of seeing the same trick over and over, mix it up, throw your own flavor into it, like grabbing nose on a backside rodeo. Here’s what you do.

Step 1. Visualize your rotation and execution.

Step 2. Approach the frontside wall with your body low and relaxed.

Step 3. Lunge off your toe edge and throw your head and back hand over your back shoulder.

Step 4. With your front arm, reach for your nose.

Step 5. I’ve noticed the longer I hold onto the nose the more centered I am on my landing; so hold on as long as you can.

Step 6. Spot your landing and stomp.

Good Luck.¿Travis Parker

Travis Parker sure seems to be popular these days, too bad he’s still one of the biggest dorks we’ve ever met. Travis is currently sponsored by K2, Sessions, Smith, and GMC gloves.

Travis Parker