Alley-Oop Backside 720 Cork

1. Approach the frontside wall with an ample amount of speed.

2. Set up as you normally would for a backside alley-oop.

3. As you come to the lip, get a solid pop off your toeside edge, making sure not to take off too early.

4. Once you’re in the air, initiate the spin by turning your upper body in the direction of the spin.

5. Reach for your heel edge with your front hand, and grab melonchollie while looking down and under your trailing arm.

6. During your rotation, between 540 and 720, you should start to spot your landing.

7. As you land, bend your knees and make sure you don’t lean too far back to avoid catching your heel edge.

8. Now stomp it and rock on with your bad self.