Alley Oop and Lance Pitman

My first tip is, you have to go fast and not slow down. It’s really hard to do tricks without getting enough air. It’s important to go fast for this one in particular because of the sixe of the jump. This quarterpipe is much larger than a regular halfpipe wall, so to get in the air, you have to go fast.

Keep flat on your base as you ride the takeoff. Wait until you get all the way to the top to do anything at all. When I say all the way up, I mean all the way up into the air. If you built your jump right then all you should have to do is hit it.

When you get in the air, take your leading shoulder and hand, and turn frontside. The common grab is a frontside grab–it keeps you tucked up. I like to do tail grabs, too. Hold your grab as long as possible to keep yourself stoked. No one liked to get just a touch in. If that happens, you better try once more. Make sure you don’t rotate too much–it’s easy to do, and makes i hard to land. To keep from rotating too much, try and stall it out at the top of the height of your air. The stall should keep you from over-rotating and give you a sense of fluidity in your style–stall for however long feels good.

When you land, you want to land flat on your base, just like the takeoff. Keep your weight centered over your knees and toes, as you should for every aspect of snowboarding. The trick is supposed to feel like a counter-rotated swoop in the air, traveling one way and spinning the other. Once you get this one down, tri it fakie by adding another 180, or add a 360 and make it a 540 alley-oop. Each of these begin with the frontside alley-oop that you see here. No good rider will learn a 540 without first learning 180s and 360s. The same goes for any spin–you should be able to spin any amount desired, not just huck off the jump and spin until landing. Hope you learned something–I did.