How To Snowboard: Backside Alley-Oop In the Pipe with Jack Mitrani

Backside Alley-Oop In The Pipe

With Jack Mitrani at Breckenridge, Colorado

"You can learn this trick halfway up the wall, gradually trying to air out. Once you get comfortable, haul frickin' butt and go as big as you can because it's a lot more fun."

From the December 2011 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

20 Tricks: Volume 5

Jack Mitrani. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen


Trick Difficulty: 3

Approach: Take enough speed to air into the wall of the pipe as you drop in. The higher you land on the wall, the more speed you'll carry across the flat bottom. Pump down the wall and get on your toes.

Takeoff: Wait until your nose leaves the lip to ollie. As this happens, look up the pipe and rotate your shoulders down the pipe.

Maneuver: Once you're two or three feet out, grab your nose and tweak it. Keep looking down the pipe to spot your landing. At the apex, adjust your weight as needed to land back in the transition.

Landing: Lean into the pipe, land on your heels, and bend your knees as you get ready for the next wall.


Trick To The Trick

"Keep the same line as you would for a frontside air. If you go too straight up the wall or pop too hard, you'll land flat. Let your board do the work for you."—Jack Mitrani