20 Tricks: Air-to-Fakie On a Hip with Peter Line

Air-to-Fakie On a Hip With Peter Line

When you're ready to up the ante on a hip, follow Peter Line's lead and try an air-to-fakie. 

Peter Line. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen


1. An air-to-fakie isn't that much harder than a frontside air. The rotation is pretty minimal and really the hardest part is getting comfortable flying and landing blind.

2. You'll want to leave the lip just like you would for a frontside air. Pick a line that'll put you right at the top of the transition. Charge at the lip and pop off the lip—you don't need to wind up at all for an air-to-fakie.

3. Suck your knees up, and go for a grab. Method or melon work best for air-to-fakies.  As you grab, turn your head and shoulders back up hill to initiate your rotation. Remember, you're only spinning 90 degrees, so take it easy and don't over rotate.

4. When you're in the air, look down and spot your landing, make sure you're coming back down into the transition and not the deck. Let go of your grab and make any necessary adjustments to the angle of your board so that it matches that of the landing.

5. Try to land with equal weight on both of your feet and as flat-based as possible. Don't stress if you end up a little heavy on your toe edge, that's normal with air-to-fakies.

"The way I like to do it is with a method, 'cause you can kind of pull your board up and out to match it to the transition."—Peter Line