Burton has a new division called RED, which stands for Riding Enhancement Devices. They’ve got some well thought out, quality tools for everyday riders, but unfortunately the Zip Tool is not up to the caliber of the other tools. Zip is a take-off on Zippo–as in the lighter–but novelty somehow got the better of the designers at RED on this product. The Zip Tools comes with a #2 and a #3 Phillips bit and a plastic mini 10mm wrench. I’m sure this tool works (possibly even well) in a pinch, but with its all-plastic housing it won’t last long. The plastic cover that encloses the two bits and the wrench popped easily off of mine rightaway. I can only imagine what that plastic might do in the cold once itgets bounced around in a snowboarder’s pocket and then torqued on a cold snowboard bolt. And a plastic wrench? C’mon, the only company I’ve seen make a plastic wrench that held up to any abuse was Fisher Price, but then that one was only used on plastic nuts and bolts.

If you want a good pocket tool, stick to RED’s Mini Tools or Trick Tools. They at least have some metal in them.