Zardoz NOTwax

Zardoz NOTwax is a completely new base lubricant which is quietly changing the way snowboarders and skiers think about treating their bases. Imagine a product that is way slipperier than any wax on the market, goes on in seconds, stays on for days, and is completely inert. That’s right, it’s totally unharmful to everything, the Zardoz folks even go so far as to say it “may actually be beneficial to your skin.”NOTwax definitely works better in wet snow than dry and I’ve found it doesn’t last quite as long as they say. However, it can be used with cold wax to make the wax faster and make the NOTwax last longer. They call it the Felix Process and it involves applying NOTwax well before waxing, then hot-waxing over it with a cold race wax, and finally applying NOTwax over that as needed. But one thing’s for sure: in the right conditions it is slicker than snot!