Yashica T-4 Super D 35mm Camera

MSRP $380

This Yashica T-4 is the favorite low-cost point-and-shoot camera of professional snow and skate photographers for one major reason: the Carl Zeiss f3.5 lens. This speedy lens offers the sharp images of a camera three times its price. While the lens may be the reason professionals use it, there are many features that make it perfect for snowboarders. It shoots 35 mm film, is small enough to stuff in a jacket pocket, and it's completely weatherproof, which means it can survive snowstorms and accidental fumblings into snow or slush. Another cool feature is the “super scope” that allows you to look down through a viewer in the top of the body, just like the old large-format cameras. The T-4 has a self-timer, total flash control, and optional time-stamp function. The only thing the T-4 doesn't have is a zoom, but what the hell, just take a step closer to your subject.