Have you been eyeing up one of the new GoPro HERO6 Black or Fusion cameras, but can’t justify replacing your previous-generation model that still works? Do you have an old digital camera that you haven’t used since junior prom, and it’s just sitting around collecting dust in that junk drawer that is so full these days that it barely opens? Well, no more excuses because GoPro is offering you the opportunity to trade up any digital camera – that’s right, any digital camera, GoPro or otherwise – for a discount on a brand-spanking-new HERO6 Black or Fusion by participating in their Trade-Up Program on GoPro.com.


The GoPro HERO6 Black is guaranteed to be an upgrade over the digital camera that you haven’t used since high school.

GoPro’s 2018 Trade-Up Program, which began with its announcement on April 18 and will continue indefinitely, offers anyone in the U.S. the opportunity to receive $50 off a new HERO6 Black or $100 off a new Fusion when they trade in their old digital camera. Unlike last year, when GoPro only accepted previous-generation GoPro models in exchange for an upgrade, 2018 extends the offer to anyone and everyone who owns any sort of digital camera. It’s a perfect excuse to upgrade your current GoPro to one of the new, top-of-the-line models or finally jump on the GoPro train for the very first time.

GoPro 360 Fusion Camera

The GoPro Fusion shoots spherical photos and video, meaning you’ll never miss a shot ever again.

To participate, just visit GoPro’s Trade-Up Program website, select the camera you’d like to trade up to, and follow the directions on how to return your old GoPro or digital camera. It’s as simple as that. Once GoPro receives your old camera, they will process the discount and ship out your flashy new HERO6 Black or Fusion so that you can be the envy of all your friends.


And if you’re wondering what happens to that old camera you sent in, well, GoPro takes the extra step to ensure that it’s recycled responsibly through zero landfill and recycling methods appropriate to its material composition.

To learn more about GoPro’s Trade-Up Program, and how you can swap out that decrepit old camera that’s probably still full of embarrassing pictures from the mid-2000s, visit the Trade-Up Program site right now.