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Travis Rice Wants to Give You a Snowboard

From the desk of Travis Rice:

The election is just around the corner and the choice is yours. Blunt or pointy? All terrain freestyle or big mountain freestyle? Pants suit or toupee?  Your vote is part of your voice and we want to hear you! So much so that we're giving away a set of these the limited edition T. Rice Pro Yahnker boards to one lucky voter!

All you have to do is:  

1. Vote.  

2. Get the "I Voted" sticker.     

3. Take a RADICAL picture of you with your sticker.  

4. Post it to Instagram with the hashtag #masterdebater16.  

Travis will randomly choose the winner on election day! So get to voting and you too can be a master debater! 



Lib Tech and Travis Rice (in cooperation with the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts) are proud to release the T.Rice Pro Yahnker Edition!

Tonight at the final presidential debate on the eve of November's election we find out who the best master debater is. To celebrate the coming of the master debater we are launching the limited edition T. Rice Pro Yahnker boards. What's a T. Rice Pro Yahnker board you ask? Well it's Lib Ripper Travis Rice’s (you know… “The Fourth Phase"!!) collaboration with visual artist Eric Yahnker (@ericyahnker) a seminal satirical pop culture artist.

Yahnker juxtaposes powerful iconography breaking down barriers using humor and beauty to create a healthy discourse. Such is the power of art in all it's forms whether it be the art of beautiful pop imagery on canvas or the art of flight when Travis gets the perfect pop off the lip or even the art of the political debate where polarizing titans of American communication butt heads on important issues until eventually spiraling down in to an endless feedback loop of middle school, "your mama’s fat," jokes. You gotta just take it in, laugh a little and form your own opinion. The T. Rice Pro Yahnker Edition might be just what you need to stay engaged and stay fun. Featuring two of Yahnker's most iconic pieces of satire the "Honorable Discharge" on the 157 with blunt shape and the "Soaked Statue" on the 161.5 pointy. Both with a base graphic featuring our master of ceremonies Liberace himself seemingly amused at the current brand of American circus.

About Eric Yahnker:

With a background in journalism and animation, Los Angeles-based artist Eric Yahnker deftly mixes pop culture and political satire to serve as a visual seismometer of the current cultural zeitgeist.  A deep knowledge of art history and semiotics underpins the coarse, acerbic content of his drawings and sculpture.  Described by the New York Times' Ken Johnson as "an exceptionally imaginative satirist [who] is also an ambitious, prolific and technically impressive draftsman," Yahnker's work  functions as both social critique and a Rorschach test for the viewer.  Yahnker has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe.  He is represented by The Hole, NYC and Zevitas Marcus, Los Angeles. Follow Eric on instagram @ericyahnker

Liberace’s image is used in cooperation with the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts.

There is a very limited quantity of these bad boys available at lib-tech.com and select dealers in the USA only!

Pre-order here!