TransWorld’s 2002 Top Ten Board Test

Companies whose products aren’t shown on this page would like you to think that board tests don’t matter. But the Buyer’s Guide isn’t just another catalog to push products on the uninformed, and no one can buy their entrance into the Good Wood club. No, TransWorld hasn’t partnered with Callaway, or Vivid Video for that matter. We came up with the Good Wood (even though some of the boards have composite cores) label as a way to recognize boards that passed our test¿the ten best freestyle, and five best women’s specific freestyle boards for 2002. These are the boards we’ll be tellin’ our friends to check out. It took eight riders, five men and three women, and a week of punishment to break it down. Because they were looking for the best freestyle boards, the testers spent every waking hour battering the rides of more than 30 companies in Mammoth’s park and halftube.

The “team” was made up of the best pros we could locate who didn’t have a board sponsor that week, and two editors from the mag who “used” to ride pretty well. They spun through the torturous grind of ten boards a day, dedicating their all to your cause, and rated each board from one to ten in six categories.

The goal of the test was to make it easier for you to decide which board to buy this year. All of the boards in the Top Ten and Top Five are sure things, but one or two of them will definitely suit your particular style of slayin’ better than the others, so check the write-ups and specs that follow.

Of course, there are a lot of other killer boards out there this season, but of the 60-something snowboards we rode, the ones that carry the Good Wood mark are the ones we can honestly say don’t suck.

The Boards (click a board and get the test results):

Airwalk A-1
Allian John Sommers
Burton Dragon
Capita Black Snowboard of Death
Forum Jeremy Jones
M3 Sidewall
Nitro Supernaturals
Option Signature
Random Icon
Type A Jim Moran