Height: 5′ 10″ (Canadian)
Weight: 175 pounds
Foot size: 9.5
Years riding: Eight
Sponsors: Dub, Iris, Northwave, Drake, Drop, Apollo Px

Not only did Wildcat Maximillion Jenke avoid an almost inevitable second Pipe Down during the week in Mammoth, he worked (rode) his ass off, adding some downright solid knowledge to the team.

How a board felt straight outta the gate made a big impression on Max. His routine: “The first run would just be straight airs and 180s, feeling out how the board rides. Then I’d start doing tricks on it.”

Aside from figuring out that it’s not only big companies that make kick-ass products, the kid who never thought he’d like a cap board was surprised more than once. Check out Max in Return Of The Wildcats available now in the TransWorld Snowboarding shop.