Cody Dresser
Height: 6′
Weight: 180 pounds
Foot size: 10
Years riding: This is my eleventh year, but I don’t ride snowboards anymore … desk jockey.
Sponsors: TransWorld SNOWboarding, Osiris shoes, Pacific Drive, Dragon, Technine.

In the midst of a travel binge, Cody stumbled into Mammoth late-night style and started pounding away at the stack of boards. Known for his generally poor judgment, Cody’s one of the former pros recently conned into working for TransWorld.

The fact that he was injured (sick and tired) didn’t stop Cody from giving the test boards a good once-over. He started with flatground nollies and ollies, some small kickers, and one big jump. “Next I’d slide a handrail and take a run through the superpipe.” When the game was over, it was clear: “There were some boards that just worked for everyone.”