Height: 5′ 11,” 6′ with snowboard boots on
Weight: 157 pounds
Foot size: Left 10, Right 9.5 (gimp feet)
Years riding: Eight
Sponsors: Pit Crew, Split, Dub, Oakley, GMC Gloves, Apollo Px, Drake

Former World Industries rider and a well-rounded shredder, Kramer was all fun and games until he found out that TransWorld wouldn’t be covering the rental car he and Durst decided to four-by. Nope, them sedans don’t jump quite as well as Kramer does.

It’s no wonder Kramer describes his perfect board as one that would “have monster-truck suspension to smooth-out flat landings, and it would be blue.” Black and blue, probably. Kramer says his testing method was as follows: “I punch the boards at least twice in the head, slam them to the ground, deliver a flying elbow drop, and follow with a series of bites and head butts.”