TransWorld Top 10: Random Icon

If there’s one area where this board steps it up, it’s in the halfpipe. After a few runs in Mammoth’s well-shaped superpipe, the Icon had our testers coming back smiling. As Dresser commented, “This board rides pipe effortlessly.”

While Kramer thought the Icon initiated turns a little slowly for freeriding, Jenke was so amped on it that you’d think he’s on the take from the marketing folks back at Random’s headquarters. “This board rips. There is nothing I could suggest to improve its performance,” he said. Of course Jenke is an honest guy who would never take a bribe.

At a little over 25 cm in waist width, the Icon is ideal for riders with size nine or ten feet who prefer slantwall construction to cap. Stiff in the tail, it also loves to pop big ollies and stomp landings in pow.

Length (cm): 159
Effective edge (cm): 124
Sidecut Radius (m): 8
Waist Width (cm): 25.2
Price: $425

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