TransWorld Top 10: Option Signature

Canadians as a breed are known for a few things¿drinking inhuman volumes of alcoholic beverages, McSorely-style violence in the hockey rink, and ill moves with those special brooms and slippery shoes at the Curling World Championships. From what our testers said at Mammoth, they should also be recognized as the makers of some very fine freestyle snowboards.

The Signature from Option is a solid all-around freestyle board. Most testers in the crew thought it stepped up performance off jumps, in the pipe, on rails, and all over the mountain. As Ami said, “This was a fun board to ride. It had a nice snappy flex and landed well.”

Spec-wise, the Signature’s stiff flex profile and tight sidecut radius result in a board that can land anything, loves to carve, and is quick on its feet. The only downside of this board’s flex is that the nose is a little too stiff for pressing on funboxes. So if you like to take your freestyle all over the mountain, this board rips. But if you are only focused on being a jib-monkey, it’s probably not the best choice.

Length (cm): 157
Effective edge (cm): 123
Sidecut Radius (m): 7.7
Waist Width (cm): 24.7
Price: $429

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