TransWorld Top 10: Nitro Supernaturals

While most of the top-performing boards in our test killed it in the freestyle department, the Nitro Supernaturals is the one with balls big enough to destroy big-mountain terrain, from Western B.C. to the heart of the Chugach.

Plenty versatile to let you have fun in the park off big jumps, this board is definitely “not your dink-around jib alley board,” according to Ami. It’s probably not the best choice for some East Coast pipe kid who rarely rides the lifts, either. Designed to ride, the Supernaturals would be much happier busting a high-speed powder slash and finding a big cliff to drop off.

Like any all-mountain board worthy of passing through the gauntlet of our rigorous testing process, the Supernaturals handles high speeds like a champ. Out of the five testers, just about every one of them mentioned that this board lays down bomber edge hold. For a bigger board, it also has enough pop and a surprisingly lively feel.

Length (cm): 160
Effective edge (cm): 124
Sidecut Radius (m): 8.0
Waist Width (cm): 25.2
Price: $599

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