TransWorld Top 10: Forum Jones

Not surprisingly, the test crew found that the new Jeremy Jones sig model from Forum kills it for riding jumps and rails. A somewhat soft flex profile makes it great for nosepresses and having fun on kickers. Ami was stoked on the performance of this board, but he also thought it could come in handy off the snow. Attesting to the power of the Forum team, he added, “It’s good for hitting on chicks in So Cal.”

But because of the soft flex pattern, some of the testers weren’t backing this board’s abilities outside the realm of rails, kickers, and jibs. As Kramer said, “It’s fun to jump, but I’d be very scared to ride this in an East Coast pipe.”

On the technical side, Jeremy completely redesigned his pro model this year, giving it a quicker turning radius and lower tip and tail heights for better performance in the pow (no, Jeremy doesn’t only ride rails and school-yard soccer goals). He also changed the flex pattern so that it’s softer in the middle and stiffer in the tip and tail. This lets him set up for jumps easier and ollie higher.

Length (cm): 157
Effective edge (cm): 118.5
Sidecut Radius (m): 7.5/9.75
Waist Width (cm): 25
Price: $450

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