TransWorld Top 10: Capita Black Snowboard of Death

Don’t let the intimidating board graphics fool you¿test cards conclude that the Black Snowboard of Death model is especially fun and easy to ride. With a narrow waist width of 24 centimeters and a soft flex pattern, stability isn’t the focus of Capita’s first-year offering. As Jenke put it: “the Black Snowboard of Death is kinda skittish, but super fun on smaller jumps¿good pop and sidecut.”

Even though Ami thought “it performed equally well everywhere,” jumps and rails are where the Black Snowboard of Death really shines. Effortless turn initiation and a nice, snappy flex made other test boards feel lethargic in comparison. If 70-foot tables or 40-foot cliffs are your thang¿get the J. Brown/Blue Montgomery creation out of your head. But if techy rides through the park are on your agenda, and your feet are in the zone of normality, check this one out.

Length (cm): 158
Effective edge (cm): 124.3
Sidecut Radius (m): n/a
Waist Width (cm): 24